He Doesn’t Appreciate You? Here are 3 Things to Do

he doesn't appreciate you

Adam LoDolce

This article was written with love by Adam LoDolce.If you want me to personally help you find love, click here.

I’m a BIG believer in valuing and loving yourself first and foremost before looking for love.

But when you do get into a relationship, that person should make you feel even more amazing than you already do.

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So, what do you do if you find your man doesn’t appreciate you the way you know he should?

Should you give him time to fix up his act? Sit down and talk to him about how you feel?

Ditch his sorry ass, and move on to someone who knows and acknowledges how lucky they are to be with an incredible woman like you?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

If you’re feeling unappreciated, here are 3 things to do.

Ultimately, only you will know in your heart if this is a temporary feeling or if something’s fundamentally not right in your relationship.

If you’ve been feeling this way for a while now, it may be time to break things off and say NEXT.

Because the truth is, you deserve to be with someone who appreciates you every single day and makes sure you know how loved and adored you are.

I want you to get to the point where you value and respect yourself so much that you will immediately know when a guy isn’t reaching your high standards and have the confidence to say, “I deserve more than what you’re able to offer me.”

Have you ever felt underappreciated in a relationship?

Share your story with me in the comments below.

Your Coach,

he doesn't appreciate you

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19 days ago

my boyfriend ignores me and he doesnt let me touch his pp

Jodi Rowe
13 days ago

I’ve been told many times I’m attractive, fit, intelligent; “why are you single?!” I like men who are confident & will pursue, but they’ve all turned out to be controlling and narcissistic after a month, demanding a commitment and planning my cohabitating with them ! The quieter guys I went out with were needy & insecure, asking if I’m dating anyone else, why I don’t text every morning, what I’m doing all day…There’s got to be something in the middle! Then there are the men who want to text for weeks and can’t get the nerve to make a plan… Read more »

Angela Carter
13 days ago

I’ve been seeing a man for over 6 years now. Last December I got a message from one of his former girlfriends from 40 years ago. He told me he had messaged her but that she hadn’t replied. Well one day she did and he went to see her twice and told me that he was going to see his daughter. This woman texted me and asked me if I was his girlfriend just encase they wanted to rekindle their relationship. She also said that he talked about me the entire time he was there with her. According to her… Read more »

13 days ago

I was being breadcrumbed by a man I met. I had never heard that term before and did it hit home! After a year and a half of bs I was finally able to move on. Very difficult and it will take time to get over him. We need this education.

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