5 Coronavirus Dating Safety Tips [MUST WATCH]

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Times are strange right now. You can’t sneeze in public without people wiping you down with Clorox wipes.

So what does this do to your dating life? How are you impacted? Should you even go on dates right now?

You’ve got questions about coronavirus safety dating tips…and I’ve got answers. Let’s stay safe right now, folks.

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Love in the Time of…Coronavirus

You can let fear eat you up and keep in you in your house…but that’s a surefire way to feel lonely and sad. Instead, follow these coronavirus dating safety tips to stay healthy and still be open to meeting the man of your dreams.

1. Practice Social Distancing

Seems common sense: don’t go to crowded places. Yet, I’m still seeing a lot of people packing into bars and restaurants. Be smart. Rather than risking exposure to the virus, stay away from places with 50 or more people.

If you’re going on a date, meet in a park or go for a walk.

2. Use Technology to Avoid Loneliness

This situation is absolutely unprecedented. But one silver lining? We have tools to help us stay connected.

We’re all going to feel lonely in the coming weeks, whether we live alone or not. Technology is going to help us avoid a “loneliness pandemic.” So make sure to use all the tech tools you have at your disposal: Facetime. Skype. Texting. Email. Facebook. Instagram. And yes, dating apps.

Even if you pull away from meeting face-to-face for a while, you can still get to know someone through technology. Sure, start texting on the app, but then ask to switch to a video chat so you can at least see each other’s faces.

3. Don’t See Anyone Who Doesn’t Believe in the Severity of COVID-19

“Bah, everyone’s overreacting,” a man you’re talking to says.

Uh…hold on a minute. Do you really want to meet up with a man who doesn’t take this situation as seriously as you do? A man who, quite possibly, isn’t adhering to the “Do the 5” guidelines to avoid contracting the virus? Do you really want this man [ugggg] touching you with his germy hands?

It’s like having sex with someone who doesn’t believe in condoms. Unsafe. Stupid. Don’t do it.

4. If You’re Both Healthy, You Can Date

There’s not YET a guideline saying you can’t meet people in-person. So if you have reason to believe both of you are healthy, then your risk of catching the virus is low.

Meeting in-person can help move a relationship forward faster than relying on technology alone. At the worst, it’ll let you know quickly whether there is chemistry you want to explore.

5. Don’t Go on Any New Dates for Two Weeks

This is just my personal opinion, but I think the best way you can stay safe is to not go on dates with people you haven’t already met in person. You can’t get sick if you aren’t around other people.

I hope you’ll take these coronavirus dating safety tips seriously. We have to shift how we live and socialize right now, but hopefully, it won’t last long.

Talk to me in the comments below: how is coronavirus affecting your dating life?

You can still use this time to work on yourself and define what you want in a relationship. The Sexy Confidence Club has tons of video courses, ebooks, and forum conversations designed to help you create the love life you adore. Sign up now.


Adam LoDolce

Love Strategist

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6 months ago

I have been still going on dates we met before the virus. We go to places where not alot of people are. It’s nice to go out to quiet places, we actually can hear each other and it’s more enjoyable.

6 months ago

Thank you.this was so helpful.I just started dating someone after 4 and a half years.was so happy and excited and the covid happened.my new date is quite paranoid.

Alice VanCourt
6 months ago


Lisa Alger
6 months ago

Well, the guy that has “come and gone” in my life was coming around and dancing. Lives with a 84 yr old woman so he’s taking this SERIOUSLY and thinks it best to stay away (Tho was kind enough to ask what “my take” was on it). We don’t text, though, in meantime which stings a bit. Should I just text him asking how he’s doing)?? He will answer, but I feel only because I wrote first. He wants me to “mentor” him (he is oddly shy for his age).But SO WORTH IT!!!

6 months ago
Reply to  Lisa Alger

If you choose to mentor your boyfriend and text him because he’s too shy to take the initiative, go for it girlfriend.

6 months ago

Thank you, Adam! Love me some sexy confidence!

Ronique Breaux Jordan
6 months ago


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