2 Simple Phrases That Make Him Want to Commit to You

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In this special video, I give you two confident female mindsets (with example phrases) of what to say to make a man want to commit to you.

Have you ever said either of these two phrases to a guy? Leave a comment below.

Your Love Coach,

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3 years ago

Hi Yes I’ve said both those sentences + To All guys I’ve dated during 2018, 2019. Even though I’m now 60 yrs old, Divorced/separated 7 yrs . ) Age makes no difference to men’s desire for immediate sex.. A man from my past teenage yrs came into my life 12 months ago we dated twice, then in different towns with 600 miles between us made it difficult to just hook up for intimacy. He had to learn to court me via phone calls and txting, finally met up again after 10 months . I still said no to sex ,… Read more »

3 years ago

I am an older women. Even at my age, I have used these phrases. Yes, I never saw the men again. However, these phrases empower women. I also wasted less time.


Morgam Dalgleish
3 years ago
Reply to  Claudia

What is right person for me but try to find the right one and also if a guy is in love with u what you should do Also I got few questions to ask u Also I met this guy he’s called Martin brown I saw him at the night club in Edinburgh the cav That’s when I frist met him he’s also keeps worry about me and thinking about me a lot I worry about him as well he’s not text me or leave a call Yes we are in a relationship Is just I not see him lot… Read more »

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