Flirty Texts For Him: 4 Secrets That Will Make Him Addicted to You

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Does the thought of sending flirty texts for him make you break out in a cold sweat?

Is there a little voice in your head that says your attempt to be cute and sexy will totally bomb and you’ll never hear from him again?

Would you rather become a nun than have to send a guy you like texts?

If you’ve been out of the dating game a while, texting may be a completely new concept to you as a way to get to know a guy. You may not understand how singles everywhere use this medium — along with emojis — to date and start relationships.


[Sorry; I couldn’t resist.]

The truth is: texting can be a fantastic tool for slowly getting to know a man, as well as to practice talking to dudes in general, especially if you dabble in the world of online dating.

But not to fear. Women ask me questions about how to craft flirty texts for him ALL THE TIME.

That’s why I made this video: to help you navigate this strange new world.

In this video, I reveal four very special flirty texting secrets that will get him hooked on you, as well as:

  • How to build up insatiable curiosity through text (including how quickly to respond to his texts)
  • The simple four-word flirty text that will drive your man crazy with desire
  • Why the photos you should send your man are NOT the ones you think you should (and which types of photos you should actually send)

Watch the video now to master writing flirty texts for him. And if you have additional tips for sending flirty texts to him, please share them in the comments below. I always love hearing from my readers.

Your Coach,







Your hands tremble as they hover over the phone keypad. You want to come off as interested, but not slutty. Intelligent but not snobby.

Ten minutes later, you still haven’t written a single word.

Man, this dating via text thing is hard.

The last time you dated, you had to actually pick up the cordless phone, pull out the cord, and punch in a guy’s number. Or wait ‘til he called…which was never fun.

When you’d talk on the phone, you could read him better through his voice. This text stuff? Well, it makes it hard to know if he’s being sarcastic or genuine. And when it takes him hours to respond to your text, you’re just not sure what to think of that.

You want to be good at writing flirty texts for him…but you’re just not sure how without feeling super awkward.

No worries, sweet Sexy Confident Lady. I’m here to provide a “flirty texts for him boot camp” guaranteed to amp up your texting game and make him want you even more. Allow me to share four secrets that are guaranteed to get you an A+ in flirty texts for him.

Flirty Texts for Him Secret #1: Always Leave Him Wanting More

flirty texting secrets

One flirty texting secret? Leave him wanting more.

Less is more with texting. You might be quite verbal normally, but I encourage you to spend less time texting him than you are inclined to do.

Why? For one, you don’t want to come off as clingy by writing paragraphs of texts.

Lifestyle writer Raisa Bruner says women more than men need to pay attention to this rule of not being overly chatty via text.

“Women are still subjected to the implicit assumption that we will be ‘clingy’ and ‘needy,’ and in order to project ‘chillness’ it’s necessary to curb our own propensity for chattiness.”

So if you feel like going on and on about your day, maybe limit it to: had a really busy day. How was yours? rather than providing every detail of your stressful and busy day. There’s really no point in giving him an itemized list of what happened.

Also, if you’re not available to respond to his texts the second he sends you one, it’ll make him want more of you, which will make him more inclined to want to call you or meet you in person.

Now you might call this “playing games,” but I call this getting a life. If you are addicted to texting a guy, then he will NOT be addicted to texting you.

You want him to be sitting at home wondering if he’s ever going to hear back from you. You want him to conjure up these amazing images of what it is that you’re doing with your fabulous life and why it is that you’re not responding to him. You want him to want you.

As a golden rule, wait a little longer to respond to him than he does to you. Now, I’m not suggesting you deliberately ignore his texts, but rather get a life and be so busy actually doing those fabulous things that he’s imagining that you don’t have time to respond to his texts right away.

Having a little distance between texts gives you more to talk about. And it makes him addicted to you!

Flirty Texts for Him Secret #2: Use Subtle, Flirty Implications

flirty woman

Less is more with texts. Don’t give it all away.

In my free love texting guide, I give one example of a text to send a guy. All you have to do is text him:

If you were here …

BAM. His imagination goes crazy. If he were there…what? What would happen?

This is the equivalent of showing a teeny bit of knee or cleavage. It’s subtle. You’re not making promises you can’t back up. You’re not overtly saying what it is that would happen…but you’re sparking his imagination to wonder about the possibilities.

When you send flirty texts for him that aren’t overtly sexual in nature, that’s even better than if they were overly sexy. You’re indicating that maybe you’d like to get physical in the future…and letting him wonder about how amazing that would be.

Note: some guys may want you to tell them exactly what would happen if he were there. Keep your mysterious lady persona on and stay away from details. You can always exit the conversation if it turns to sexting and you’re not comfortable with that.

Speaking of sexting…did you realize that 67% of adults have done it? A recent study showed that Americans by far led the sexting revolution, most using SMS, and 38% using Snapchat to do it. What’s your stance on sexting?

Editor’s note: Ready to attract love with a proven strategy? Watch this free video to learn the 7 powerful steps

Flirty Texts for Him Secret #3: Send Him Pictures

woman at concert

Send him pics of you and your fab life.

Have you heard that men are visual creatures? You may be turned on more by words, but he’s all about the pics, especially when it comes to dating apps and texts.

And yet, very few women leverage this fact correctly using text. Unfortunately, most women send no pictures or, on the opposite side of the spectrum, they send lots of selfies or even nude pictures to a guy, thinking these flirty texts for him are achieving their goals of making him want you. Trust me: they aren’t.

Whatever you do, no more selfies and definitely no nude pictures. Please don’t send them unless you’re married to someone.


You’re setting yourself up for a potential disaster. If you haven’t had sex and you send him a nude photo, you’re possibly indicating that you’re more willing to do whatever he wants than you actually are. And what happens if you split up? He’s got those pics in his phone…to share with whoever he wants.

You don’t know this guy well enough to trust that he won’t put your pics on Pornhub. He may seem like a nice guy, but when relationships end (especially casual ones) people have a way of changing into someone you wouldn’t believe they were.

And if he asks for nude photos? He might not be the guy for you.

Instead of dealing with that whole ball of wax, or instead of sending him an abundance of selfies, send him a picture when you’re out with your friends.

Take a shot of your girl group at dinner. Or on a hike. Relaxing at the beach. Skydiving.

Give him a look into the amazing life you’re living. He’ll be so impressed to see the things that you’re into, that he’ll want to be a part of that amazing life.

If you’re not living an amazing life… go get that life, then rinse, wash and repeat.

Flirty Texts for Him Secret #4: Tell Him You’re Thinking Of Him

sweet woman

Let him know he’s on your mind.

If you’re not sure what kind of flirty texts for him to send, think about what you’d like to get from him. Everyone likes to hear that someone special is thinking of them. Guys are no different. There’s definitely a right and wrong way to go about this, though. Keep it light, not clingy.

Saw there was a new season of Black Mirror, and thought of you. Have you started it?

Can’t stop getting the image of you eating that octopus out of my head! So cute!

Had a dream last night…you were in it.

Your goal here is not to gush about how into this guy you are because that might backfire. But you just want to ping him with a sassy text that makes him happy to know you’re on his mind. That will move you right to the top of his mind, too!

Pay attention to his response when you let him know you’re thinking of him. Does he respond with something equally sweet and flirty, or does he seem to pull back? If it’s the latter, he may not be as into you as you are him.


Flirty texts for him are just one part of a healthy communication strategy as you begin dating someone new. Even if you haven’t been in the dating game for decades, you still can master texting by following these texting tips.

As you get to know men via text, you’ll learn that there are all sorts of texters.

There are men who only respond with single-word replies.

Men who write bookloads.

Men who take all day to respond to you.

Men who respond nanoseconds after you respond.

Men who can’t spell.

Men who are sticklers for punctuation.

You’ll find the types of men you text best with (i.e. if you hate it when ppl txt in shrtnd wrds and acronyms like LOL and IKR, you probably aren’t very compatible with a guy who does those things), and you’ll learn a few things along the way.

But just remember; texting should only be part of that getting to know you strategy. Encourage your guy to give you a call. Talking on the phone gives another level of depth that you just can’t get with texting (yes, it still is true all these years later).

Yes, many men will default to texting. It’s easier. They can be passive participants, watching tv or swiping on Bumble while they text you. But if and when a man is willing to take it to the next level and engage with you in a phone call, you know you have a winner. Even if it’s outside of his comfort zone, it shows that he’s eager to get to know you, on your platform of choice.

Have fun with it! Texting can be a playful way to get to know someone, so don’t be nervous about sending those flirty texts for him.

What flirty texting strategies have worked for you? Which have been abysmal failures? Share in the comments below.


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5 years ago

I like the types of pictures that you say to send great idea!!!

5 years ago

Thank you for your advice.. I have spoken to many men over the past year ..and you are right one minute man knows what he wants and then he changes the rules .. Men around there fiffty’s have a very hard time with commitment, because they have been hurt so bad by a previous relationship ….All love to talk dirty in some way , especially with online dating .. It is the main way to keep them wanting more ..

5 years ago

Thank you for your advice.. I have spoken to many men over the past year ..and you are right one minute man knows what he wants and then he changes the rules .. Men around there fiffty’s have a very hard time with commitment, because they have been hurt so bad by a previous relationship ….All love to talk cheeky in some way , especially with online dating .. It is the main way to keep them wanting more ..

5 years ago

Thank you Adam, you’re amazing!! I’m not the type of lady that send pictures selfies or nudes. The few opportunities that i had with dates I done group pic. Im would love to have the Love texting book. I feel very confident & everything you say it really my behavior but I overthink when text back. I wasn’t like that before, I don’t know why is happening now… Blessings

5 years ago

i like rule no 1 because he will start texting me or call me when i left him for a long time – about 2-4hours . im doing this because i wanna know if he is thinking about me or just simply text me . and it’s works !

5 years ago

I like that you ask us to raise our own bar. What I hear when you talk about sending pics is that we need to demonstrate our mind’s value instead of our body’s.

5 years ago

I love your videos. Great ideas always!

Stephanie Lee Powell
5 years ago

I have used all 3 of Adam’s texting strategies over the last 6 months or so. I’ve used them so much that his strategies are second nature to me now. I don’t even have to take the time that I did before questioning my texts before I send them. They have all 3 been 100% effective and have always given me the result I was looking for at that given moment.

5 years ago

Hey Adam, Ironically, my former relationship guru (seriously, his advice is so sound) and best friend is now the person I’m in a serious relationship with. He used to tell me to use the Trickle Effect, which you have basically just described. In other words, send a man trickle texts that will make him want more, only send photos on rare occasion, and always leave him curious by not sending him text novels. One thing that you said and he didn’t, though, is to send photos of your life rather than of yourself (he never specified), and it seriously makes… Read more »

5 years ago

I like the type of sending my amazing pictures . Thank you Adam.

3 years ago

I like using the.. ” if you were here “

3 years ago

Great advice, Adam, thanks! I never send revealing photos.

2 years ago

I love the advice Adam, specially rule 1. I usually search for some pre-made texts since I’m not a creative type, sending some cool text is quite funny XD

1 month ago

Men hate texting and being texted. Don’t do it. I have a pre-written “please don’t contact me ever again” text ready whenever I receive a so-called flirty text. I’m not interested in sluts with low standards.

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