7 Weird Kissing Mistakes That Turn Men Off

kissing mistakes that turn men off

Did you know that 34 facial muscles are working when you are kissing someone?!

So, either your muscles are turning men on, or they’re turning them off.

But how do you know if your kissing game is on point or not?

When you meet a great guy and get to the stage where you’re ready to kiss him, you want to be able to relax and enjoy it.

You don’t want to be wondering, does this feel good for him?

Am I doing this right?

I haven’t kissed a guy in a while… this feels weird.

No. You want to be super confident in every move you make. 

You want to know without a doubt that you are a GREAT kisser, and this kiss is going to set his world on FIRE. 

So check out these seven weird kissing mistakes that are guaranteed to turn men off. 

When it comes to dating, kissing, and relationships, you only know what you know, right?

So if you are making one of these mistakes, don’t beat yourself up over it. We’ve all been there.

Be thankful that you’re learning this now, and get out there and put your new-found knowledge into action!

Kiss a few guys and see how things go.

Remember, practice makes perfect, and this one’s a lot of fun to practice. 

Have you ever kissed a guy who’s making one of these weird kissing mistakes?

What was it like, and what was running through your mind?

Drop me a comment below.

Your Coach,

kissing mistakes that turn men off

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1 month ago

Along with the great tips, I love watching you laugh about your own content. Super real

1 month ago

Oh no just part lips a little bit. playful slow kisses…….. for starters. I like these little videos. This one tells me I’m doing it right.

1 month ago


1 month ago

There’s a lot riding on a kiss. When I’m on a first date, sitting across the table from a man I’ve just met, I (momentarily) focus on his lips. If I can imagine myself kissing him – and enjoying it – I’m open to a second date. However, if the dude has poor dental hygiene, super-thin lips (lizard lips), or too much facial hair that overtake his lips, I’m turned off. Also, I believe a man’s kiss is an indicator to future sexual compatibility. If a first kiss is bad: he kisses like a chicken (ridged pursed lips), or flicks… Read more »

1 month ago

I’ve been told by many people (men and women) that I’m a great kisser.
One time though, I did make the mistake of being “a sprinter”. (I don’t know what it was about this particular guy – I guess I just really liked his lips! Lol) Luckily, he didn’t mind at all, and just went with it! Lol
He was a great kisser, too

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