7 Things Men Look for Before Marrying a Woman

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Have you ever wondered what makes a man think a woman is “marriage material?”

What has to happen for that switch to flip inside a man’s brain where he finally realizes, “yes, this is the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with, no ifs, buts, or maybes.”

Are men looking for a woman with the perfect supermodel figure?

A woman who likes all the same things he does and agrees with everything he says?

A woman who has a rich, vibrant life and is always doing something exciting?

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While all of the above might initially pique a man’s interest, none are enough to get him to stick around long-term and put a ring on a woman’s finger.

So, what are men looking for before they marry a woman?

Find out in this video.

Nobody gets married thinking it’s going to end in divorce, right?

We get married with the intention that it will last forever, that we’ll never want to be with anyone else. And for a lot of men, including the younger me, this is terrifying.

So naturally, it takes a lot for a man (or woman) to reach the point where they’re ready to make this huge commitment. And for a relationship to thrive over years and decades, these seven qualities are vital. Without any one of them, your relationship is destined to unravel.

Check out the video, and consider whether you’re displaying and building these qualities with the men you’re dating. Because if you’re not, marriage won’t be (and shouldn’t be) on the cards anytime soon.

Your Coach,

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1 year ago

So if I’m bipolar and can get emotional then I’m not ever going to get married?

1 year ago

Friendship and honesty to me are number 1 and 2.

1 year ago

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Joycely D'Amore
1 year ago


Marsha J Higginbotham
1 year ago

I’ve been in a relationship for 17 years….he bought a house and I never knew it. I broke up with him two days before he allegedly was going to tell me. We got back together and now he refuses to let me live with him because as he says history repeats itself. We are still together but on shaky ground because I want more and he doesn’t trust me.

Anne Reynolds
1 year ago


1 year ago

I need a man that is Loving and accepting of me.

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