7 Things All Men Do When They Fall In Love (#5 is SHOCKING)

Adam LoDolce

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He loves me.

He loves me not.

He loves me.

He loves me not.

He loves me.

So… he loves me, right?

Maybe you’ve been dating a man for a while, and you can feel yourself falling for him. But the burning question on your mind is, “is he falling for me too?”

While men are known for keeping their cards close to their chests, they’re also known to fall in love quicker than you ladies do (YES).

Okay, Adam, but how do I know he’s falling in love with me when he hasn’t dropped the L-bomb?

Or, on the flip side, how do I know he’s genuinely in love with me and not just dropping L-bombs all over the damn place to keep me sweet?

Both are great questions. And although men can be low-key with their emotions, there are some subtle (and not so subtle) things that all men do when they fall in love with a woman.

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Here are the 7 things to look out for (you’ll be SHOCKED by #5).

Now you know what to look for; there’ll be no more endless tennis matches in your mind as you try and figure out whether this guy has caught real feelings for you or isn’t quite there yet. No more three-hour conversations with your girlfriends as you try to dissect and analyze this guy’s every move and ponder if this is the real deal.

Remember to ignore the rose-tinted image you may have painted of this guy in your mind and to look for the real-life SIGNS. His actions will tell you everything you need to know.

Your Coach,

things men do when they fall in love

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Cath Turner
9 months ago

Adam I broke up with my partner in August he blamed work which I know is a genuine reason plus we were long distance and he had issues with his one daughter who was said harming and shutting him out. He was really struggling with this and shut me out as a result and we amicably agreed to end things. He said he wanted to keep in touch. We spoke in 25/9/21 when I asked his advice. He answered straight away and asked how I was etc. I ended on a high note as I was going out that night.… Read more »

9 months ago
Reply to  Cath Turner

Male ego. He wants to know he still has access to you and because you’re still reaching out he knows you’re still available if he ever wants to come back. Plus “keeping in touch” is just a way to keep you in his pocket without giving you the commitment you deserve. You could get him back if you want to, but not by playing a no contact game. You would have to go 100% no contact. Not 30 days, not 60 day, not 90 days. Just never contact him again. (He doesn’t even deserve it after presumably ignoring your attempts… Read more »

celia stickler
9 months ago

I’m ready to full in love.

9 months ago

Is there a portion of text or a video clip missing above? Because there is nothing in between “Here are the seven things to look for” and “Now you know what to look for”. Or is that some kind of marketing tease?

9 months ago

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Kelly Wolzen
9 months ago

I would like some advice with a widower? He has asked me to move in with him but it’s his home with woman of 30 years that is of course deceased

Dira McClintock
9 months ago
Reply to  Kelly Wolzen

how long since she’s passed?,,,, does he talk about her all the time?, is her things still all over the house?. Does he say we instead of I when talking about his past.? Does he expect you do to do things just like she did. DO you feel like you are competing with her for his love? do you think he is emotionally ready to move on. I am a widow and know there is no one timeline for everyone but I felt ready at 3 years to leave my past behind and start fresh…

Geri Brancamp
9 months ago

Do men at the age 70 what a relationship

Dona Hice
9 months ago

Same of this is true in a normal relationship but im caght in an affair if WTO years with a love from High School and it Can never be more than what it is yet we Care deeply for Each other.

9 months ago

I’m ready

8 months ago

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