7 Signs You’re Not Ready to Attract Love

Signs You're Not Ready to Attract Love

Adam LoDolce

This article was written by a professional love strategist. If you want to learn the 7 Little Love Steps, click here.

Is finding love a priority for you right now?

You’ve let the dust settle on your ex, everything’s going great at work, your kids are doing well in school, and it might just be time to get back out there and start dating.

You think you’re finally ready to attract an amazing man and the right relationship into your life.

There’s just one problem: it ain’t happening for you!

It doesn’t matter where you go, who you meet, or how well a connection starts off; it’s just a matter of time before EVERYTHING ends up going to sh*t.


Maybe the truth is you’re just not ready to attract love… yet.

Here are 7 signs you’ve got a little work to do first.

The truth is, this might be a little hard to hear at first. No one wants to believe they are the problem when it comes to… well… anything.

But once you’ve identified what’s holding you back in your relationships, you can do something about it and get to work on removing that love block.

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Without doing this, you’ll continue to self-sabotage. You might end up meeting your DREAM man only to kick him to the curb. What a dating DISASTER that would be.

And remember, it’s okay if you’re not ready to attract love yet. Take a little time out and work on yourself. Get clear on what you actually want. Because this is the only way you’ll find it.

Your Coach,

Signs You're Not Ready to Attract Love

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Elegant Rose
3 months ago

Lovely piece. Thanks

2 months ago

Thanks for giving the tips

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