7 Signs He’s Micro Cheating (Hint: It’s Still CHEATING)

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When we think of cheating, we often picture someone having sex with another person behind their partner’s back. However, the concept of infidelity is more nuanced than that, and micro-cheating is an example of this.

Micro-cheating is the term used to describe the small things people say and do when their partner isn’t around that dance on the knife-edge of inappropriate or just straight-up infidelity. While these actions may never physically cross a line, they still jeopardize the trust and integrity of a relationship. The problem with micro-cheating is that there are often no obvious clues that indicate your partner is being unfaithful.

According to a 2015 poll by YouGov, one in five Americans admit to being unfaithful to their partner in a relationship, while 41% of men and 28% of women have considered cheating. Another study published in the Journal of Sexual and Marital Therapy found that there are many conflicting definitions of infidelity.

Examples of micro-cheating include sliding into someone’s DMs, deleting messages with someone in case your partner sees them, and grabbing drinks with an ex but lying to your partner because you know they wouldn’t like it. These actions, though seemingly harmless, can be warning signs that your partner is hiding something from you.

Here are some common behaviors that could suggest your partner has something to hide:

#1. He always has his phone and goes to great lengths to keep you away from it.

#2. He won’t share any of his passwords with you.

#3. He’s always liking and commenting on other women’s social media posts.

#4. You have issues in your sex life.

#5. It feels like he has checked out of the relationship.

#6. He often talks about being with other women.

#7. He withdraws from you for extended periods.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to sit down and have an open conversation with your partner about what boundaries are appropriate in your relationship and what are not. It’s important to establish trust, honesty, and communication in a relationship to avoid any potential problems in the future.

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6 months ago

Nice video . Great analysis. Adam it’s so true .
Your presentations are great, funny and full of real stuff women are dealing with these days .
I think the videos are an eye-opener

6 months ago

No one …NO ONE should have complete access to your phone. Just like they shouldn’t join you in the wash room. You are entitled to some privacy. Your partner does not have to have access to every nook and cranny of your being. If they insist, then THEY have a problem.

6 months ago

I had a partner and we had been dating for 3 years. I first saw his messages to another woman by accident. He was sending her kissing emojis and telling her how he dreams of her. He said it was harmless and he would stop. Well 6 months later it was still continuing. Even if he wasn’t intimate with her to me it is still cheating.

6 months ago

You shouldn’t have to share your password with anyone.

6 months ago

I appreciate the awareness and understanding these signs of micro cheating provide, as they serve as important reminders to prioritize open communication and maintain trust within a relationship.

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5 months ago

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5 months ago

I have had two men cheat on me and it absolutely was devastating

3 months ago

Yes. My ex was constantly being tagged & had prayer requests he didn’t share with me by a “friend.” As soon as we broke up they briefly dated. he was micro cheating with her the whole time but falsely accused me of cheating on him

Larry Martin
26 days ago

Micro-cheating may seem subtle, but its impact on trust can be as damaging as any other form of infidelity. It’s crucial to be aware of these signs and address them in your relationship.
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