7 Reasons Why You’re Still Single

Adam LoDolce

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Are you a single woman who is looking for love?

Your siblings, friends, and colleagues continue to find their perfect partners, get married and live happily ever after, but for some reason, it’s not happening for you.

Sound familiar?

You really want to meet the right man, but it seems like Cupid isn’t on your side; in fact, he hasn’t ever been.

And then you start wondering, is it me?

Is there something hideously wrong with me that I’m unaware of?

Am I not beautiful enough, smart enough, successful enough?

Am I destined to live alone and spend all my free time knitting cute little sweaters for all the babies my friends keep on having with their amazing husbands and only have my cats for company on a Friday night?

Not on my watch.

Check out my #ToughLoveTuesday video, where I get really honest about why you’re still single and what you can do about it.

Too often, our friends sugarcoat the truth because they don’t want to hurt our feelings. Other times, they literally have no fricking clue what they’re talking about.

Would you take financial advice from someone broke?

Of course not!

So why would you take dating advice from someone single or in a crummy relationship?

Stop doing that, ladies!

I genuinely want to help you find the man and relationship of your dreams, and I’ve already helped thousands of women do just that. So I’m bringing you the truth, even if it’s hard to hear.

The great news is that these factors are entirely in your control. You have the power to get out of your way and attract love.

Editor’s note: Ready to attract love with a proven strategy? Register for this free training to learn how to find him.

Watch the video, quit curbing your chances of meeting someone amazing, and politely tell that friend who keeps dishing out dating advice that you’ve got this. Because you do.

Your Coach,

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Janell Dzuro
21 days ago

I believe what you say is true! Any one or several of those reasons are the culprits for holding a person back from meeting someone great!

20 days ago

Hi Adam! Can we talk about men who cheat? Is it just a character flaw or something men do? Every man I’ve been with has cheated and I’m beginning to think this is what all men do.
I just need some insight here.


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