7 REAL Reasons Why Men Suddenly Disappear

Why men disappear featured
Why men suddenly disappear

Watch out for the guys with a Ghostly past. If he did it once, he could do it again.

There is nothing more frustrating than meeting someone you like, going out with them for a while, and then they suddenly disappear.

So many of my female clients have been asking me this question, “Why Do Men Suddenly Disappear?” So I figured it was time for a video on this subject.

Sometimes it just seems so out of the blue that it’s totally inexplicable when men disappear. But other times, there’s a bit more of an explanation.

In this video I provide the 7 REAL reasons why men suddenly vanish into thin air.

Watch the video.

Have you ever been seeing a guy and he just suddenly disappears on you? Did you ever get an explanation?

After watching this video, do you have an idea of why he probably vanished? Share with us below.

Thanks for watching.

Your Dating Coach,



Why men disappear featured

Adam LoDolce

Love Strategist

My true passion in life is transforming your love life by giving you specific tools and techniques that you can use to attract long lasting love. I got started when...Read Adam's Story

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6 years ago

I just think it’s the worst feeling when I guy suddenly disappears. WHERE ARE ALL OF THE GENTLEMEN?

Thank you Adam for shining a light on this subject!

4 years ago
Reply to  Adam LoDolce

I just found your site Adam..and not only am I thoroughly entertained by your funny ways of demonstration..but learned so much!!..even being 54 years old..I still am learning new things!!..thanks my friend ..for these wonderful and validated advice!

2 years ago
Reply to  Jenna

I had a guy disappear last year on me. After repeated texts I gave him a second chance. He begged me to take him back (apologized for being a douche, saying he wasn’t in the right state of mind). He would call & text me saying he loved me…Then he goes and does it again! I feel like an idiot for trusting him again. Haven’t heard a peep from him. Any advice on recovering from mute man??

6 years ago

Hilarious video! Loved it – way to bring humor to such a serious topic.

6 years ago
Reply to  Adam LoDolce

I don’t think you have to try Adam it seems like it comes natural to you anyway! Always funny video’s.

Kriszia Diaz
6 years ago

Or be probably has another woman eh??? True story it happened to me recently..

Khyati Rana
6 years ago
Reply to  Adam LoDolce

ya it happened to me too. I have been seeing this guy for 5 months now. We almost spend so much time togather. First i thought that he will be like other guy disappear on me but he stayed? But recetly he has started to change. He talks on ph all day and do not give me any attention , he hasnt took me out on a date. I really like him and now that i like him so much he is starting to fade in his feelings. He doent receprocate my feelings the same way as i expecte him… Read more »

6 years ago

Thanks so much, Adam, for this very helpful video!
I have to admit I was agonizing that after 3 dates, a guy I liked (and I thought who liked me) just…disappeared 🙂
This video just helped me realize what I already knew deep-down…
that he was really just a ‘player’ and it just wasn’t ‘meant to be’ 🙂

I feel so much better now after seeing this…now for that run..
Angela 🙂

6 years ago

Great video and topic. I had the best date ever a week ago with a guy i had been chatting online with for a couple of weeks. It seemed we really hit it off and spend over 12 hrs together. Then nothing. I casually reached out to him yesterday. He replied eventually, casually about the soccer world cup. Now i wonder should i ask him out on another date (he asked me the first time) or should i just leave it? Sad to lose a great person to talk with, even if he’d not be interested in me. Do advise,… Read more »

6 years ago

Exactly, they are a wuss/looking for cheap sex/missing out/emotionally immature if they put in a little effort and don’t follow through. Good riddance if they can’t be a gentleman and work on a solid commitment before monogamy. A good Lady is worth the effort to wait for the Swiggity Swooty!

6 years ago
Reply to  Leslie

Thanks for saying that, Leslie! I honestly had second-guessed my stance on ‘waiting (again) ’til marriage’…like..hmm….will I ever get a guy if I continue to do that, lol…but I’ll just continue to hold to my values! Thanks for saying that! We’re worth the wait!!!

6 years ago

Good advice, lol it’s happens a few times. It kind of hurts because I feel worthless after. A guy I dated broke it off a day before valentines day. It’s June lol and I’m still thinking about him. Why? Btw I haven’t contacted him at all. Just stupid memories I can’t get over 🙁

6 years ago
Reply to  Adam LoDolce

Will do, thank you! 🙂 xoxo

6 years ago

I have learned from my past relationships that when a guy just disappeared on me that he usually was with another woman. Great tips on what might else have been going on! I have been causally dating one guy for the past 9 months or so. On and off. More of a hook up situation than bf/gf. Now he has disappeared on me within the last month or so. Normally I would be fine with it and just move on… but he borrowed some DVDs, which I do want back. But I don’t want to start up our on again… Read more »

6 years ago

I have to be honest I am kinda skeptical about this dating training, just signed up for the email.. I am going to give it a try, have to be honest I really have not been too open to going up to guys to start a conversation to see where it leads. I am a very laid back, shy lady. However I do have a very good sense of who I am currently as a young woman and I have come across guys who are just looking to play around.. Was surprised when a guy at work tried hitting on… Read more »

6 years ago

I recently had this happen to me, a guy just disappear out of nowhere and it’s been really difficult and distracting to deal with. I feel shattered, ridiculously enough. I met this wonderful guy unexpectedly and went on an amazing first date. We live far away from each other so majority of the talking or beginning of the “relationship” was long distance after the initial day. I was doubtful of anything coming of this “perfect” guy that I met due to the distance factor – I even told him initially that I was doubtful. However, he continued to persuade me… Read more »

maryann white
5 years ago
Reply to  maya

well I put a lot of stuff below so u can read that but I do understand and sympathise with u I can only re-enforce what I had said previously in the end its not worth it. since I wrote the comment (underneath) nothing’s changed, except, in my opinion, he is even more distant than a friend would be. And I didn’t want this “good friends” bit, I have friends, I wanted someone “special” in my life, as I get sick of being single, it almost feels like a stigma. Certain places u don’t want 2 go, as u are… Read more »

maryann white
6 years ago

im going thru the same thing when it hits you that he doesn’t care about you the same way you care about him I don’t know how people ever get to stay together at all as it seems in this day and age its just not easy. years ago people committed they got married and had children now it seems a feat to get anyone who is interested enough to get past the 1st date! a lot of men just seem to want a one night stand. Its ridiculous At the moment I cant exactly move on I would have… Read more »

5 years ago

I just got friend zoned by a guy after he said he wanted to pursue and date me exclusively. I’m 28 and haven’t had a boyfriend since high school 🙁

Donna M Ginda DaCunha
5 years ago

Hi Adam… Yea you are right .. guys are cowards.. some wouldnt know a good one to keep if we landed right in front of them.. Its hard to face the fact ..”its his loss”.. but it truly is.. as women move ahead.. and we make the list of how truly great we are.. thats when we know.. thank you for helping enlightening us great women 🙂 Disappearing is just wrong.. maybe they just werent brought up right..

5 years ago

hello Adam, I have a question for you? what does it mean when your bf says he had a dream that I meet someone? What does that mean. my second question is why do exes come back? I just asking because this was a guy I use to date back in the day. He came back two years after I broke up with him and he didn’t even call he just stopped by unannounced. is it true that when the girl breaks up with the guy he never forgets the girl? enlighten me with specifics if you don’t mine. I… Read more »

Motor Girl
5 years ago

I think this is really a good script2use! I think it is both women and men who have troubles with dating or finding the right one. There are mean men but also mean women… I sometimes hear men struggle just as much and men and women just think different about things. But still we all are human beings and we need each other, we all need love! so, try to learn and just also try to understand each other. As Adam says correctly, we first have to love ourselves and know who we are. Than we can love someone else,… Read more »

A. Lias
5 years ago

Hi Adam, several things are working. Yet, still troubles to find the gents with the EA-factor. Just threw over my life into another course. Drastically. Now, men notice me, but obvious I give the wrong sign. They want to sl**p with me… So from no sign at all, suddenly lots of txts…with really low content… Funny on one hand and lovely too, but on the other hand, I don’t just want to give myself… (highvalue part, but I have enough self asteem…) I am missing the point somewhere how I have to look. Cause if some men tell me how… Read more »

5 years ago

Just discovered your videos yesterday and have become obsessed. They are certainly making me feel better after a terrible week. I’ve had this disappearing problem with the same guy for quite some time now. He comes in and out of my life. I know the logical thing is to just eliminate him from my life, which is something that I have tried to do, but somehow it all just starts again. The only reason I go back is because I think something has changed, when it hasn’t or that he has finally realized how amazing I am :). So my… Read more »

[…] Have you ever met a guy and it seems to be going REALLY well, but then suddenly he loses interest? […]

[…] Have you ever gone out with a guy, thought the date went really well, but then he disappeared into thin air? […]

4 years ago

Disappearing happened to me too several times. So immature guys are compared with to women at the same age. They think they wont hurt womens feelings if they just disappear. – Well, they do it anyway!!

[…] they typically rush in to try and fix things. In this video, I explain three reasons why men pull away and why a guy might say he needs space, as well as what you can do about […]

1 year ago

Holy cow. I am so glad I found this site. Your words and advice are spot on. Thanks for adding to the closure that I chose to give myself, since he wouldn’t. Valuable insight for the next guy and will make me think twice about a few things. Thanks Adam!!!

1 year ago

Love the way you can make a hard situation a little easier. Although this one hit me out of nowhere….and I know I wasn’t the pursuer, he was….I’m totally giving him his “space” and filling mine with all the good stuff I can. Thanks for being who and how u are! Wish me luck on the next chapter!

5 months ago

Hi Adam. I am beautiful lady. But I have a question for you when you are confused why alot Africa men like me a lot . I try really hard go to out their kind.

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