7 Personality Traits Men Deeply Desire in a Woman

personality traits men desire

Adam LoDolce

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If you want to know whether or not a guy is serious about the relationship, just look at where he focuses his attention.

If he’s mainly focused on looks, chances are he’s just looking to hook up and have fun.

But if he’s focused on personality too, that’s a great sign he’s serious about finding love. Because while it’s essential to have that physical chemistry, we all know that looks fade.

But when it comes to personality, what are men really searching for?

A great place to start answering this question is to think about the emotional qualities you’re looking for in a man. Because usually, men and women are looking for similar things in a long-term partner.

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Wonder no more: I’ve put together a list of the most desirable qualities that men are seeking in a partner in this video.

Here are 7 personality traits that men deeply desire in a woman.

FYI: this list is NOT meant to encourage you to change your personality to attract men! This is a list of qualities that are great for any woman or man to have.

So if you feel like you lack a little in a few of them, think about one step you can take today to move forward. But stay true to who you are and be authentic.

And I’d love to know, which personality trait do you find most attractive in a man?

Let me know in the comments below.

Your Coach,

personality traits men desire

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1 month ago

Great !! I’m so pleased the way you presented the strategies. Well done. Thank you

1 month ago

From the 7 personality traits mentioned, kindness is the one that I find the most appealing, followed closely by a sense of humor & playfulness.

1 month ago

Kindness is the most important trait I’m looking for, followed by a sense of humor.

Margaret Leslie Mears
1 month ago

He listens! Kind and so comfortable to be with. Always encouraging.

Ann Patton
1 month ago

When he makes me laugh, his face lights up and we laugh together!

28 days ago

A friend was somehow interested in how much are therapy sessions, since recently he has almost always been depressed, and he was helped by psychologists who work here

9 days ago

The most important personality trait is sense of humor! I love to laugh!

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