6 Signs He’s a Loser (DUMP HIM)

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Summary of the video

Today, I’m introducing you to L.O.S.E.R. Larry and showing you how to spot him, saving you years of heartbreak.

L – Lazy

Does he spend all day playing video games, or does he get off the couch and make something of himself?

O – Obfuscates His True Intentions

To obfuscate is to make your communication unclear. One client went out with a guy who said he was ready to get married on the first date, but by the following Saturday, he texted her at 2 AM asking if he could come over. This guy was 60 years old! He claimed to want marriage but wanted to consummate the relationship before a second date.

S – Sex is His Only Motivation

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Men love sex, and it’s often a driving force while dating. But if it feels like sex is the only thing that matters, then he’s not trying to get to know you as a person.

E – Emotionally Fragile

The theme of this year is how emotionally fragile people, especially men, have become. Whether it’s social media, video games, or the loss of masculinity, men have lost their emotional edge. I’m sympathetic to this on a societal level, but I’m not dealing with it on an individual level. If you’re with a guy who’s an emotional rollercoaster, it’s time to reconsider.

R – Rude

Is he texting on his phone while you’re trying to open up about something vulnerable? Does he make a scene at the restaurant if he can’t get the best table? Does he interrupt your friend’s story to talk about himself? That’s rude.

Have You Dated a Loser Larry?

Have you ever dated a Loser, Larry, who was Lazy, Obfuscated his intentions, focused only on Sex, Emotionally fragile, and Rude? Leave a comment below sharing your story. Let’s empower each other to make better choices and find the love we deserve.

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1 month ago

Yes , to all of that that why I dump him

Nichole Rubes
1 month ago

I never actuactly dated the Larry I knew but in a way I might as well. Larry told everyone at school we were dating. People bought it. Espically his family. He even tried to pull a disney gaston on me by planning my whole wedding without my knowledge. We had even been on one date. But he showed up to my house while I was away at college and told my mom all about our “wedding”. What kept me from ever dating him or agreeing to was advice from my grandmother. “Never date a guy who says he is going… Read more »

P. Ly
1 month ago

Sadly, I did. We reunited after 31 years of losing contact. The idea of our past made me hang on to him. I missed our connection 31 years ago, so I held on to the old Mark I once knew after finding him again. Turns out, he was a dismissive avoidant, and he put me through an emotional roller coaster being hot/cold, in/out, dismissive of my needs and feeings, and he breadcrumped and played me. I also had a sense from the beginning that he was addicted to sex because that was often the topic of “his” conversations with me.… Read more »

Wendy Bester
1 month ago

I was involved with a guy that at first seemed to want to get close and opened up about all he was going through. Thought he was comfortable with vulnerability with me and I have found out he is comfortable with every woman he meets. Now he is accusing me of giving him a std and he doesn’t believe my doctor. The blood work shows I have been exposed to it within the last 4 to 6 months. I decided it was not worth fighting about because we work together as of a month ago. His secretary left because she… Read more »

1 month ago
Reply to  Wendy Bester

You can have many healthy relationships in the future. The symptoms ease over time. I never passed it onto any of my sexual partners. Also more people are being infected with HSV1 downstairs from oral sex than HSV2 – 70% oof the population has this virus. If you have HSV1 there is only a 5% chance you’ll get HSV2 as well. Be honest and brave – you will find someone who accepts you.

1 month ago

Went out with a guy who was perfect on the first date, but after he second “drinks” date said he needed to make sure the sex would be good before moving further and suggested we go to a hotel. And he wasn’t even a good kisser. Next!!

1 month ago

I dated a guy for the first time having a long-term relationship relationship and it was long-distance he was in LA and I was in San Diego through the relationship. I would ask him about marriage and he would say that he doesn’t wanna get married or he wants me to live with him, but I never came to fruition period one day I decided to tell him I’m thinking about moving to Texas to be with my friends moved from California for a better life in Texas and I stay there for three weeks. I start to like Texas… Read more »

Older woman
1 month ago

Oh I fell for everything he worked so hard to keep me with! Then we bought a house together! He is so lazy, vulgar to the point he sent a nasty group chat with his employer and got fired the following day! Plays his games all now, comes to dinner table constantly on his phone! He now lives on the other side of the house! He is 13 years younger than myself! Oh this was no deal a true false advertisement! Yes I was fun in the beginning, now I feel like his mother! Thank heavens he never had children!… Read more »

1 month ago

Yes, but I have noticed that most men will interrupt women when the women are speaking. It comes off as saying in no words that we have nothing of substance to say, or that what we think is not at all important. Even the best of men will do this, but you are really right that it is RUDE. The good ones will not do it constantly, it is just that they are somehow not “geared” to listen to women. Watch for the constant interrupters. That is what I would say.

1 month ago

This is the spot on my story. The guy I get to know him at first day he said he want to get marry not a friendship. We even did not meet only over the text I told him we should get to know each others first. Then after months he lost interest to our relationship. He was 60 years old, emotional roller coast, unstable, sob stories daily, needy, and he turned to be a covert narcissistic.

1 month ago

Emotionally fragile, yes!! Geez, I’m out of this relationship now as of three weeks ago, but almost a year spent with someone who was so super sensitive. And not just shedding a couple of tears when a cute Kleenex commercial comes on. Ultimately, I felt like I would never be able to count on him to help or support me when and if I was ever in a challenging time of life. Plus, I found out he was a lair. Lying is a deal-breaker. Next!!

1 month ago

My Larry doesnt own anything, doesnt leave his apartment, doesnt have any money (but works), was a sex addict (reformed), is 50, and very good looking. He also controls (which is why i broke up with him), is hurtful (says things without thinking), but doesnt want to lose me (as in be my friend) because I am a good person and he needs good people in his life! (do you mind!).

29 days ago

Lately…they do not past the 2nd phone call……………..

25 days ago

thanks for sharing about 6 Signs He’s a Loser 

23 days ago

Oh yes

15 days ago

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