5 Texts That Turns Guys Off (Never Send These)

5 Texts That Turns Guys Off (Never Send These)

Adam LoDolce

This article was written with love by Adam LoDolce.If you want me to personally help you find love, click here.

Maybe you’ve had a bad experience with texting guys in the past.

Have you hit him up only to be met with stone-cold silence?

Did you think you were friendly, funny, or flirty, only to never hear from him again?

This can make you feel insecure, powerless and put you off the whole dating thing altogether.

Don’t worry, every woman (and man) has been there.

Texting can be tough to navigate because it’s completely different to face to face interactions. You can’t see him or use body language or tone to communicate.

And if nobody has ever told you what you’re doing wrong, how can you possibly fix it?

But the great thing about texting is you get to think things through before you hit send.

You can take your sweet time with it, and make sure you send a text that will help move this relationship forward instead of making it hit a dead-end before it’s even begun.

I encourage you always to be real and be yourself with a man. But the truth is, specific texts will still turn a guy off.


Because they don’t tell him you’re a vibrant, sexy, independent woman.

But I know that you are, and you know that you are. So let’s make sure he knows it too, okay?

Have you ever sent one of these five texts to a man? If so, how did he respond? Did he respond at all? I’d love to know, so drop me a comment below.

Your Coach,


5 Texts That Turns Guys Off (Never Send These)

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4 months ago

I always send all those texts

deborah quadnow
4 months ago

Sometimes women get too desperate and anxious. I think we need to step back and let the man chase us. I am guilty of the Hello thing way too much. Making steps not to do that.

4 months ago

For once lol, I don’t send those texts. Adam is right on the money as usual. I am guilty though of writing novels when I text. I have gotten texts like this for sure. The “hey” says to me, wow, you are just looking to be entertained. The “I’m bored” is similar. They are both selfish and lazy to some extent. Not all the time but sometimes. I have also gotten the “hello?” With 5 question marks from strangers on on-line daring sites. That I have never met. Huge turn off. And this is after maybe a few minutes of… Read more »

4 months ago

I’ve made a few of those kind of texts!!

Patricia Wagner
4 months ago

Wow, I was blessed by this! Thank you very much Adam. What I am wondering is if these texts would also turn a man you are already married to off? So are they a no go before marriage and after marriage too?

alia Tbean
4 months ago

i have a crush on someone but the person has a girlfriend and maybe i was the first person my crush liked first.The problem is i always avoid my crush because he has a girlfreind but its for my detriment.My parents are stricked and i don’t know what to do.

4 months ago

Ooops, yeah I do the “Hello?” one a lot, I’m just so impatient sometimes

3 months ago

I have just started dating again. Things go a little heated up. I turned it down, put now I have this rush of feelings I don’t know what to do with, so confused. 
I guess I am look up things on the internet  today, because I don’t know how to proceed. But, iam a mess, I can’t  seem to function. Almost like a hang over, a love hangover.  Any remedies?

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