4 Ways to Touch a Man to Build INSTANT Attraction

ways to touch a man

Adam LoDolce

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HOLD on a second, I know where your mind went before you even got here, but I’m not talking about that kind of touching.

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I’m talking about the kind of subtle touch that is less sexual and more intriguing.

Because gettin’ sexy is easy. It requires much more creativity and willpower to build that attraction slowly over time rather than jumping into the bedroom on date numero uno.

And if there’s a man out there you’re attracted to, and you want to communicate that to him in a low-key way, subtle touch is the right way to go. Because touching a guy in one of these ways doesn’t require you to put yourself out there that much.

So what if he’s not feeling it? You’ve not crossed a line or embarrassed yourself in any way.

But let me tell you, back when I was dating, if a woman touched me like this and I was into her too, sparks would instantly fly between us.

So let’s get right to it. Here are 4 places that men LOVE to be touched.

When it comes to flirting, less is waaaaay more. So don’t go crazy and take the touching too far. If it feels right in the moment, go for it. But keep it subtle. If you need to practice, practice on yourself in the mirror.

I promise you, if your fingers linger just a second or two longer than they should, he’ll quickly get the picture.

What are some of the ways you love to be touched by a man you’re attracted to?

Tell me all in the comments below.

Your Coach,

ways to touch a man

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Jill Woodward
9 months ago

Lower back, Hair, elbow, upper back between my shoulder blades

Don’t Touv
9 months ago

Um. Don’t touch a Black man’s hair without permission.

9 months ago

I would say the neck is the best

9 months ago

My neck and shoulders

9 months ago

Lower bicep. I like touching this part of my partner it made him feel more powerful

Rosemary Bartholomew
9 months ago

Lower back, and the side of my arm

9 months ago

Hi, thanks for sharing that info Adam. I love for my lower back to be touched and gentle forehead kiss for instant emotional and physical attraction from man to me.

Debbie Powell
9 months ago

My guy has no hair on his head. I like being touched on the neck n the hair.

9 months ago

my Hair and Neck

9 months ago

Nice tips. I agree. Plus, to me, a man’s arms and hands are one of the most sexy things about him.

9 months ago

The neck and hair feel so tender and good to me

Dira McClintock
8 months ago

OMG it works . Especially since we are both strong Love Language Touch people. We sit and play with each other’s hands for a whole movie Yes his hand on my lower back gives me shivers It was like a month of foreplay before we actually slept together.

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