4 Signs You’re Too Picky For Love

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“I have VERY high standards.”

“I’m VERY picky.”

These two statements can be a “nail in the coffin” when it comes to your love life. No joke.

Here’s why:

If you’ve already put up a wall around yourself to keep 99% of men from ever having a chance…

….how can you possibly end up finding the RIGHT guy for you?

The scary truth:

You’re probably NOT going to meet the right guy this decade if you’re too picky right off the bat.

Check out the video below and you’ll see why:

After you watch this video your eyes might open up to some very real possibilities about love that you never even considered.

Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂

Your Coach,

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 Signs You’re Too Picky For Love

1. You don’t do a second date unless you absolutely fall in love with him on the first date.

Look, if you go on a first date with someone, so long as there’s even a slight potential that it could work out… give him that second date. Having high standards when choosing a partner is important, but being too picky can lead to problems in dating.

I don’t care if the dude’s got gray hair or if he’s even a little bit awkward. Give him that chance. Guys can sometimes be really nervous on that first date, so you’re really not getting a chance to get to know him until the second date.

2. You don’t like the guys who pursue you because of the fact that they’re pursuing you.

If you only go for guys who don’t like you, you will die alone and miserable.

At some point you’ll have to grow up and realize that you have to accept some of the advances from the guys who are legitimately interested in you rather than only trying to chase down the bad boy type. Or if you don’t do that, you’ll end up being that weird old cat lady down the street who died about twenty years ago, but still no one knows.

3. You haven’t had a relationship in over 3 years and you’ve wanted a relationship for the past 3 years.

If it’s been that long, you’re searching for something that probably doesn’t exist. You want love but are too picky with men. You’ve become stuck with your impossibly high standards.

You might think you want the unicorn until, of course, you start dating the unicorn.

4. You want contradictory things in a guy.

Maybe you only want guys who are super impulsive and exciting, while at the same time, you only want guys who are super secure and stable… you are too picky for love.

You only want guys who are super successful and doing great things in their lives, maybe even run their own business. At the same time, you only want a guy who will make all the time in the world for you… you are too picky for love.

You only want guys who are really, really smooth at picking you up, while at the same time you don’t want a guy who flirts with other women… you are too picky for love.

These are totally contradictory because usually if you get one, you can’t have the other. It’s a total trade off.

So there it is, the four signs that you are too picky for love. Now it’s time to hear from you. Are you too picky for love? I want to hear from you in the comments below.

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Adam LoDolce

Love Strategist

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4 years ago

This video is hilarious ! I love it! I have learned with time that it’s better to be less picky and to give guys a chance then to be picky. It gives me the opportunity to have new and different experiences.

4 years ago

I think this is CRAZY! You wanna know why?! Cause anyone can find who they are looking for and YES it does take some time… The best things come to those who wait. and if you aren’t picky, the guy you’re dating in the long run, you might have problems with! Also, yes, it is possible to get the best of both worlds. As stated, it just takes time. If you want to spend the REST OF YOUR LIFE WITH SOMEONE, YES, YOU WANT TO BE PICKY!!!!!

4 years ago

I haven’t dated in 10 years. Yep, since my last relationship ended. Some guys who were interested in me came with deal breakers- like previously married with kids close to my age. I didn’t want the hassle of a vengeful ex-wife. Or interested in just sex. Since then, I’ve been pretty much invisible to guys. I want a guy to at least show he’s interested in dating me. I’ve also tried a dating site. So far, zilch. I guess I fall into the picky bucket.

4 years ago

Why ask if I’m too picky again when u already assumed I was? Besides, u are Mr know it all so why ask questions? By the way, who is ‘PS’ u mentioned who knows just the best man for me? If any man thinks I am too picky then LET HIM GET OUT COS I WILL NEVER TRADE MY PERSON JUST TO KEEP A MAN. If there’s no man out there who can bare with me, then FINE. GOD CREATED PEOPLE FOR HIS GLORY TO BE REVEALED AND MISSION FULFILLED NOT LOVING AND DATING HERE AND THERE. HOW DID U… Read more »

4 years ago

Any man who wants me to be at his beg and call should GO VERY FAR and who told u I’ve been looking for love for three years cos I have all the right persons loving so any greedy man who only wants me please him against my comfort, SHOULD GO VERY FAR AND GET LOST. I’m HAPPY THIS WAY! GOOD MORNING!

4 years ago

I am picky and I am not afraid to admit it. This is the rest of my life, you are talking about. I have been single for 5 years!!! I am a single mother. I am not only looking for someone that will be good for me, I also have to take in consideration if he is good for my daughter, as a father figure of course. So, I am definitely picky!!

4 years ago
Reply to  Amanda

And I have every right to BE!!!

4 years ago

Adam, I really enjoy a lot of your videos and find your advice beneficial. However with the advice in this video I can´t fully agree. I understand your point of view, which is not having “unreasonable” demands, because no one is perfect, including myself. But – whenever I cut back my standards in the past, it always turned against myself. E.g. I didn´t insist on a man being rich and he turned out to be in huge debt (however presenting himself in another light at the beginning). I didn´t insist on a man having an academic degree and it turned… Read more »

4 years ago

Some of the ladies who’ve left comments missed your point, Adam. Of course, we need to be picky about the important stuff: honesty, loyalty, steadfastness, common goals and life perspective. Those are givens – no-brainers. What you’re saying is, “Don’t be overly picky about superficial stuff: grey hair, no hair, height, occupation, type of car he drives.” There’s a time to be picky and a time to cut the guy some slack. Entertaining video, Adam. I adore your alter-ego “Eve.” She adds so much to your videos!

4 years ago
Reply to  Rebecca

Thank you for some sanity on this. This obviouslY hit a nerve and I think you are right on with your comments. I have friends that absolutely will not date a man that is shorter than them or that don’t have the exact same hobbies. We forget to look at the spirit of a person and understand we don’t need our clone either.

4 years ago

I am really picky, but how can you force yourself to go on that second date if your just not interested even if their a good guy?

4 years ago

Okok. I am 2 out of 4.i guess I need to work on them

3 years ago

I totally agree….I’ve been too picky. But recently realized that it’s not settling, it’s comprising. I’m sure as hell not perfect, so how can I expect a man or a relationship to be. Live and learn!

1 year ago

Yep! I’m afraid I’m too picky. New years resolution 🙂

1 year ago

I am very picky! After years of my family shaming me for it, I decided to loosen my reins a little. I ended up dating a guy I went to school with. He was unemployed when we first started dating but I gave the benefit of the doubt, he was actively looking. He wasn’t the looker or the best at upkeep with himself, but again, I gave the benefit of the doubt. After all, I was too picky! Well, here we are several years later…I am married to said friend. He is STILL unemployed for the 5th time since we… Read more »

1 year ago

I think being too picky can limit your chances of finding some to love you

1 year ago

This is a cute one! Top of mind goes to “having the important things” in common..showing. .not telling. Self care ( grooming, exercise ) …similar interests. ..

L. Adams
1 year ago

Am I picky after dating a lot of frogs? You betcha. And yes I have done the inner work so I have high standards and an understanding of what I want in a relationship. If no guy matches that, so what!

Ganya Williams
1 year ago

Yes no guy matches

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