3 Ways to Show a Guy That You Like Him (Building MASSIVE Tension)

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Have you ever starting hanging out with a guy you were really into, but it turns out he had no idea?

In your head, you were being flirty and endearing.

But, in reality? You came across about as interested as anyone can be in watching paint dry.

Everything about your tone of voice and body language screamed: I couldn’t care less about being here with you.

But when he comes clean and says, “I’m just not getting the impression that you’re attracted to me,” you’re shocked. You’re so attracted to him that you feel your face turn a deep shade of rouge when you look at him.

You can’t stop gushing about him to your girlfriends.

You’re thinking, are men really this clueless?

How could he not know that I’m into him?

What do I have to do? Make a giant banner that says “I’m into you, John,” and hold it up in the air outside his door until he gets the picture?

Check out this video for three simple ways to show a guy you like him (so that it’s explicitly clear, no more confusion):

Everyone wants to know that they are liked, and dating is no exception.

Heck, would you hang around if a guy couldn’t crack a smile or tell you “I had a great time” on a date?

No. You’d probably drop him like a hot potato and continue seeing the guy who smiled, laughed, complimented you, was warm, friendly, and told you he enjoyed spending time with you.

So get out there, use these simple strategies, and let’s help you attract long lasting love.

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5 months ago

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