3 Types of Relationships Every Woman Experiences (Avoid 2 of Them!)

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There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship. But that’s easy to forget when you’re single and looking at…

…Insta couples kissing in a pile of fall leaves…

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…your friend showing off her engagement ring on Facebook…

…or any other photo that makes you feel like you’re lacking because you’re not in a relationship.

I think it’s easy to feel like a perfect relationship exists when you’re not in a relationship of any kind. That’s why I wanted to show you a few types of relationships that are far from perfect. Likely you’ll recognize at least one of them.

Leave a comment below: which of these types of relationships have you been in?

Your Coach,

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1 year ago

The bomb

1 year ago

A guy has been helping out financially for over 2 years but it’s platonic so far. He goes out of his way to help.He often texts in the evening but not every night. He won’t say if he’s married or not. I’m starting to be attracted to him after 2 years-weird huh? I’m nervous about asking I’m out. Is h really into me?

1 year ago

Typo. ‘re my last comment-I’m nervous about asking him out. Is he really into me?

1 year ago

The Lovebombing was intense,and he was so handsome, I felt I was in love spell but 6 months it was over, covert narcissist

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