3 Steps To Overcoming Insecurity (And Building Self Esteem)

How to Overcome Insecurity
How to overcome insecurity

Foot cream belongs on the foot, not on the face. Nuff’ said.

We all have SOMETHING about ourselves that we don’t like. I don’t care if you’re Angelina Jolie, you have a deep and dark insecurity that still needs to be overcome.

I personally might be a “dating confidence coach”, but I must say, the past 3 weeks have been tough for me. You see, I had a weird condition that caused me to have white foot cream on my face every day until it went away (talk about an attraction KILLER!).

My self esteem was definitely taking a hit anytime I went out in public.

So this week I wanted to create a video about how to overcome insecurity. Because like I said, we all have it, but so long as we keep in mind the techniques in this video, they can be overcome.

Watch this video to learn how to overcome insecurity.

Do you have an insecurity that might be holding you back in your dating life (or in other areas of your life)? I know this is a sensitive subject, but perhaps it might help by sharing it below with the community. We’re all here for you and want to help you overcome any insecurity or self esteem challenges you’re facing.

Your Friend,


Adam LoDolce

Love Strategist

My true passion in life is transforming your love life by giving you specific tools and techniques that you can use to attract long lasting love. I got started when...Read Adam's Story

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6 years ago

I know this sounds crazy, but I have an insecurity about my hair. I always think it’s either too long or too short and it really kills my confidence 🙁

I’ll try these techniques and get back to you!!

4 years ago
Reply to  Adam LoDolce

You mentioned in another video about nails..what turns a guy off..(The Edward scissor hands was funny BTW!)…I have been a nail biter all my life and my hands are what you might say are more like working man’s hands than pretty female hands..the nail biting habit is very hard to kick…if I could change the way those look , that would be wonderful!.

6 years ago

LOVE this video. It’s less “funny” than other videos, but has such an important message. Thank you Adam, I feel so much better having watched this.

6 years ago

Ohhhh good his voice is annoying….it just want to make u screeeeammmmm(but the things he says is ok)

6 years ago

You are so funny. Good luck with that mouth thing.

5 years ago

Hi, My insecurity is the severe eczema on my hands and feet. I’m not usually very insecure about it until I start thinking about being intimate with someone. I mean, I wear sandals all summer even though my skin is red, inflamed and itchy. I haven’t dated since this developed. But my hands are a little scratchy and I think it would be unpleasant to hold my hands. My feet wouldn’t interfere with being intimate, but I have contact allergies. So I have to be careful about anything that touches my skin, including condoms, lubricants, and possibly even a guy’s… Read more »

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