3 Signs He’s Love Bombing [WARNING]

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Have you ever gone out once or twice with a man only to have him dial the intensity up to an 11 before you even know his last name?

“You are the woman of my dreams,” he says.

“I think I’m falling in love with you,” he says.

“Let’s quit our jobs tomorrow, elope in Bali, and join a yoga cult,” he says.

Don’t get me wrong. There are cases where people go on a first date and realize that the person across the table is destined to become their husband or wife.

Here’s the difference: they don’t say that on date numero uno. They keep that little slice of divine wisdom to themselves, probably until they marry said person.


Because you don’t want to freak your date out.

You don’t want them to think you’re a psychopath.

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You don’t want them to consider getting a restraining order against you.

Plus, where’s the fun in fast-forwarding through all the romance, the flirty, sexy banter, and the sexual tension?

Slowing things right down (also known as pacing in Little Love Step #5) is what makes dating so exhilarating. You don’t want to miss this.

Here are three clear signs he’s love bombing you (don’t dismiss the idea of that restraining order just yet):

When a guy love bombs you this way, it’s not usually because he likes you so much that he can’t help but confess his feelings. More often than not, it’s because he has an ulterior motive, code for he wants to get jiggy.

Knowing the signs will stop you from being manipulated by men like this when you’re dating and help you shout NEXT before it’s too late.

Your Coach,

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1 year ago

Yes, I have been love bombed by many men. It’s intoxicating and incredible and flattering.At first, you feel like you are in heaven and finally met the man of your dreams. The gorgeous bouquets, expensive dinners and trips… it’s lovely.
In my experience, most of the were successful and well to do… and narcissists. Once you acquiesce, these types lose interest and get overtly or covertly abusive.
Watch out girls, if you get love bombed save yourself and keep dating.

1 year ago

Thank you Adam. I have come across this way too often in talking with someone I’ve only met on a dating site. By the third email, they already have such strong, committed feelings. I RUN!! In my
mind they are either a scammer or a nut.

Amy P
1 year ago

I’ve dated more love bombers than I care to admit to. I guess being so desperate to be in a relationship versus friends with benefits, I wanted to believe them. It’s taken me a long time and listening to a LOT of professionals like yourself to get me to admit that I know “when it sounds too good to be true, IT IS!”

1 year ago

I got love bombed by a CRAZY guy! We had been chatting online through a dating app for a year during the pandemic (living on different coasts). I finally returned to the east coast, where he lived and we had a first date. I should have known when he was trying to kiss me and hold my hand the entire time how weird he was. Then after an hour I couldn’t take it anymore. I knew we were not a good fit and I tried to leave. And Adam was RIGHT! This guy got SO angry, for no reason. He… Read more »

1 year ago

Although I am a man, I understand that such statements in the early stages of a relationship, especially on a first date, are just a huge red flag. How can a person believe another person who throws such words on the first date. noritz Therefore, I am wary of such loud words, which I advise you. Either these are words to the wind, or a person is trying to manipulate you.

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