3 Easy Ways to Calm Your Nerves Before a First Date

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Do you experience anxiety before a first date?

Does your heart speed up?

Do you feel queasy?

Do your thoughts turn to worry or do they even race a bit?

If you’re like most people then the answer is “uh… HELL YES!”

First dates CAN be nerve-wracking… BUT they really don’t HAVE to be!

If you want to feel more calm, relaxed and in control before a first date, then I’ve got something special for you in today’s video, “3 Easy Ways to Calm Your Nerves Before a First Date.”

We’ve all been there…

If you’re worried about getting those “first date jitters” and you want to make sure things don’t become AWKWARD or UNCOMFORTABLE for you, then this week’s video was made just for you 🙂

Have you ever tried a nerve calming technique before a date? Let me know in the comments below.

Your Coach,

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Summary –

1. A few minutes before the date, call an old friend who really makes you laugh.

We all have that old friend, that funny friend, who always increases our mood. Right? Every time you have a conversation with that person, it just gets you going. It gets you into a good mood and gets you started with good conversation.

I always had a friend who I’d call before a first date. He lived across the country and we’d have a hilarious conversation. It would just get me going, get me into a fun state (he’s actually a comedian) and it would get me into that fun, playful vibe. I would then be able to carry that on to the date.

If you can get into that fun, playful vibe before the date, it’ll help you a lot.

2. Work out before the date.

I get it, you’ve got your hair, makeup, and maybe you’re coming from work. But, I’m telling you, get in thirty minutes of exercise, take a quick shower and get ready. It’s going to get that blood flowing, and it’s going to energize you so much more than if you’ve been sitting in a chair all day. You want to bring that energy to the table.

If you are finding that you’re always super nervous for these first dates, maybe doing a few air squats or doing a few pushups will just get the blood flowing… it can really calm those first date nerves.

3. Go to some type of a social event before the date.

Back when I was single and went on a lot of dates, I would go to Meetup groups or any type of networking event before a date. It would get me talking, get me into conversations with other people, and reduce my nerves.

Getting your lips moving and the conversational flow going makes it so much easier to go and do something more nerve racking like going on a date. I also do this with speaking engagements. If I’m going to speak in front of a thousand people, I’m not just going to get up on stage and go for an hour. I’m going to talk to everyone in the audience first and get those lips moving. I call it getting socially warmed up… it is a great way calm nerves.

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7 years ago

Thanks Adam! I’ve always tried to socially warm up before meeting guys at a bar, a meet up event or something else like that. But I’ve never tried this before the date. I might try that and calling an old friend see how it goes! I see how this could help take some of the pressure off.

7 years ago

Great insights! Thanks!:)

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