15 Signs You’re Dating a Crazy Guy (#9 is AWKWARD)

signs you're dating a crazy guy
15 signs you're dating a crazy guy

“A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?” -Albert Einstein (and Adam LoDolce)

Let me tell you something.

I literally used to think that women were the only people who were CRAZY when it came to dating.

That is…

Until I started as a dating coach for women. Then I realized one very important truth. Men are just as crazy as women are (if not more!). When we’re dating a girl, we do wacky, crazy, inexplicable things that drive women to insanity. So on behalf of all men, I apologize.

So this week I thought I’d post a video of the 15 CLEAR signs that you’re dating a crazy guy. I had some fun with this one, so watch out.

Have you ever dated a crazy guy? Do any of these signs mentioned in the video remind you of a crazy man you’ve dated in the past? Let me know in the comments section below.

Also, if you have a friend that continues to date crazy men, send this video over to her. She might just need to hear it.

Cheers to crazy people!

Your Friend,

signs you're dating a crazy guy

Adam LoDolce

Love Strategist

My true passion in life is transforming your love life by giving you specific tools and techniques that you can use to attract long lasting love. I got started when...Read Adam's Story

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6 years ago

I would add to this guys with drinking issues, the ones who start and unable to stop while trying to act like totally sober, or if there are drinking problems in the family, a big red flag. The obsessed ones that send you flowers right after the first date, take you to the most expensive restaurant and after a week want you to move living with them. The ones who are so afraid if someone would “steal” you that they don’t let you go even for one second out of their site…. I think I can write a book about… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Adam LoDolce

I just got out of a relationship that involved alcohol and verbal abuse from him. He blamed everything on me. He blamed his drinking on the fact that my ex husband and I talk “a lot” even though my ex husband and I have a son together. His insecurities and jealousies drove us a part. I got rid of fb for him, basically so he would stop giving me grief for having guy friends. A part of my family don’t talk to me anymore because I decided to make things work with him over a year ago. He was really… Read more »

6 years ago

Or how about the guys that say that they are going to go help a GIRL with her “homework” and that he will be back in a couple of hours then is gone till the next day? What about the guys that think smoking pot and drinking with their buddies is more important than spending time/communicating with the one that they “love? My all time favorite are the guys that blame your family for EVERYTHING going wrong in the relationship even though your family stays out of it.

Danielle Ortwein
6 years ago

He dose 12 of those. Ive told him he needs to get help or go get help w me. He refused. He only calls me when he feels like it n Im not aloud to call him or Im “crazy”. So I noticed this last month. He pretty much didnt call me at all for 3 months except for after Id been gone at night the day before. I have caller id n he hadnt found out I wasnt home by calling so he must have been here. 3 times last month I saw him drive by my house n… Read more »

Danielle Ortwein
6 years ago
Reply to  Adam LoDolce

Thanks. Ive been thinking that myself lately a lot. He treats me like that n like his personal whore w his on agin n off again shit n then tells me its my fault for being messed up. Im over the shit my ex did to me. Now my only damage is that of what he himself is doing to me. I told him this. He says he cnt stand being around me cause I ct off but I act off cause I dont trust him not to do this shit. I told him he needs to either stop this… Read more »

Ashley Wilson
6 years ago

This made me laugh out loud!!! My last relationship was with a crazy guy and I can definitely check off everything on this list. Thank heavens and I smartened up and dumped the pervert before I married him.

6 years ago

Why is there so many seriously fucked up people nowadays ? I find it kind of sad when people have been dating 100 of people..as a “routine thing”…they kind of lost innocence…what ever happend to boy meets girl ? Thank you internet and mobilphones for turning people into ???? Sad…

6 years ago

Omg, the control freaks, the you’re not good enough for a relationship because of xyz and why aren’t you running out trying to change everything about yourself right now so you fit into my little fantasy…but you’re good enough to screw. That was my ex, a total mind twist. And then, a different kind of crazy, I went on a so called date recently, okay 2 days ago, and he got high in front of me and was freaking wasted. I was, and have been, and still am sober, yay me. But he knew this and still had to get… Read more »

6 years ago

On behalf of women, thanks for the apology. And for the humor.

5 years ago

Great video Adam! This is sooooooo my ex-bf. Unfortunately, he fit #15 as well! I couldn’t have guy friends, he moved in without us even talking about it (ok, I realize I was half responsible for this too), he would constantly drill me about my past, we were on again/off again a million times because he would always keep coming back, one minute he was totally loving, the next he was calling me names and accusing me of shit. He was so crazy! Now I’m left trying to recover from this 3 and a half year insanity and trying to… Read more »

2 years ago

A guy saying that he loves me and wants to marry me after having talked with me on the phone (never even met!) for 3 days…that’s crazy right?!

1 year ago

Thanks for making me smile with the video! Please add NEVER GET INVOVLED WITH A MAN WHI HAS THE PSYCHIC VAMPIRE PERSONALITY TYPE! As other comments made, I agree that the number 15 does not sum up “crazy guy charateristics!” It gets a general perspective to women which is absolutely helpful to some who can’t always see through the “crazy” at first or at all until it is too late. Unfortunately, I fell victim to a crazy male best friend. Overtime my family and friends tried to tell me things that I pushed aside or chose to ignore. Recently, I… Read more »

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