10 Signs He’s Falling In Love With You

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Signs He's Falling In Love With You -

What are you going to do when he wears his heart on his sleeve?

Imagine this scenario.

You start dating a guy casually and things are moving along “as usual”. You “hang out” every week or so, and you’re still trying to figure out whether or not it’s going somewhere.

But after a few months, he starts to do some really CRAZY things. He’s erratic, he’s clingy, and he won’t stop texting you. Sure, the attention is great – but it’s also starting to be a “little too much”.

“What’s his deal?” you might ask.

Well here’s the answer: He’s probably falling in love with you. When a man falls in love with a woman, there’s a rush of chemicals that flood his brain causing him to do some really nutty things.

In this video, I talk about the 10 signs that he’s falling in love with you.

Have you ever noticed these signs when a man is falling in love with you? Please comment below.

Your “Love”Coach”,


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9 years ago

As always Adam, GREAT information. I am at the He loves me and I love him stage of a relationship with a man I have been seeing on an off for 7 1/2 months. I had to throw caution to the wind and trust in his love as he trusts in mine. He is very busy as I am but we find anytime we can to be together. This is a hard time of year as he has to travel a lot for his work but I know he loves me and will come back.

9 years ago

Thanks for the videos Adam! You explain all your topics in a fun easy to understand way. They’ve been a big help. All the best with your book. Can’t wait to read it!

9 years ago

Hi Adam!! I recently signed up to your videos and stuff and I must say you crack me up!! Your videos are always entertaining as well as informative… Welldone and keep dancing!!! Lol…

9 years ago

Thank you for another great video.
I really enjoy your video all the time.
I would say one of the best Relationship Video…I cannot wait to watch next one ..

I also like intro music of the video.

Excellent job, Adam.

9 years ago

I couldnt aggree more… I got burned & learned the hard way.


5 years ago
Reply to  Adam LoDolce

I read this and found I was with the wrong man….And after 2.5 years, I broke it off. He took so much from me that I neglected myself…paid his rent for over 2 years and didn’t live with him, bought his groceries, cleaning supplies, did his laundry, bought his clothes when we went shopping, paid for dinners, bought him coffee and dinner everyday, paid for expensive trips which included a penthouse suite, gave him money to gamble, gave him $6000 to get his life in order but he wasted it on gambling and himself, gave him money every time his… Read more »

9 years ago

I really want to watch the video but internet connection is spotty at best. Is there a way we could have a transcript to read if we are unable to watch the video? Cool dance moves and great advice!

9 years ago

Always love your video’s Adam. I am at a stage with a man that I love him and he loves me…so I am hoping for the best. I and he have both have been burned before.

8 years ago

Dear Adam, I’m a confidential woman (satisfy and fulfill) and I agree with your signs.

Keep going, because you are doing great. The only problem, according myself is that single women not read, listen and communicate with somebody because they are not prepared for changes.

Kingly greetings with best wishes from Macedonia.

8 years ago

What to do if your in a relationship with a man he doesn’t want a kid yet or even wants to marry you yet yeah been almost two years together and he stays over a lot like he lives with you never wants to go home even tho he pays his mom rent where he lives with her he is nice with my kids and sometimes sweet but just to do things for you only to keep getting sex and some where to get a away from living with his mom he is actually my ex i got back with… Read more »

8 years ago

I loved it. We overthink things too much sometimes, when usually love is crystal clear. Is either there or not at all. Point made on #9. Thank you, knowledge can only make you more confident, this was perfect. Maxi

8 years ago

i love his videos they’ve been very helpful

8 years ago

This video just made my day. I love you videos they always help when I’m in doubt

8 years ago

Way to go Adam!
You’re so funny and accurate. Love your presentations.
Thank you!

5 years ago

I got used for physical activities. Well when I confronted him he was studdering n I told him if I ever caught him again it’s over. Lil does he know when he blew me off for a month I was already looking for someone else. When he broke up with me 2 weeks later. Saying “he didn’t know what he wants, too many girls, and yet he still on dating sites (how I met him) & he creeped on mine he said once but it was more than once n I know for a fact” so now I told him… Read more »

9 months ago

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5 months ago

Those are really signs that I have never paid attention to

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