10 Biggest Turn Offs for Guys Most Girls Don’t Know About

Men are terrified of long fingernails. We don't want you to stab "you-know-what".
Biggest Turnoffs For Guys Most Girls Don't Know About - Thumbnail

We don’t want you to stab “you-know-what”.

So you meet a guy you really like, and this time you don’t want to mess it up.

The last guy you dated disappeared without a trace, and now you’re beginning to wonder if you’re doing something to turn men off.

Well you are in luck! This week’s video lists the 10 biggest turn offs for guys that most girls don’t know about.

A few of them might shock you.

Watch these turn offs in the video below.

Have you ever been guilty of any of these turnoffs? Leave a comment below and tell the story.

Your bud,


Adam LoDolce

Love Strategist

My true passion in life is transforming your love life by giving you specific tools and techniques that you can use to attract long lasting love. I got started when...Read Adam's Story

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5 years ago

OMG … you are so adorable in this video. Great information … good to know I’m not doing any of the 10. 🙂

5 years ago

Oh Please Adam…. come on!
What about the 10 Biggest turn offs for women!!!

Sounds like little boys trying to be men… that dating, seeing a boy instead of a man!!
Give HIM what he wants & needs & he’ll hang around .. cause you allllll about HIM!!! …. BUT …. if you dont fit into HIS criteria …. then He’s Turned off!!!

Ahhh, the part after listen carefullly is??

Oh Adam, love you videos, just this is ALL about what He wants blah blah blah!!

Hmmm, you have a good day now …

5 years ago

Loved the video adam! !! Very funny….

[…] month, I released the 10 biggest turn offs for guys and it got a huge […]

5 years ago

Great video. I have altered some things about me and I have seen some of these things in the man I am seeing. Thanks for all you do

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