#1 Thing Men Look For in a Wife

things men look for in a wife

Adam LoDolce

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What is the number one thing men are looking for in a long-term partner?

What makes a man decide he wants a woman to be his wife, his ride or die, his better half?

Is it the perfect bod?

A domestic Goddess?

Sex on tap?

No, no, and no.

While us guys have a reputation for being shallow dogs, when it comes down to it, most of us are sweet, wholesome and worthy of taking home to meet the folks.

In reality, only a tiny percentage of men are out there to score and accumulate notches in their belt.

While all guys are different and have different love visions (just like you ladies do), there is one thing that we’re all looking for in a wife.

This one thing tops everything else.

Chances are good that you’re looking for this too.

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Ready to find out what it is?

Check out this video right here.

This is one of those qualities that are not instantly visible.

It develops organically over time.

And it centers on consistently showing up.

So, when you’re done watching the video, I want you to consider if you are genuinely embodying this quality.

Your Coach,

things men look for in a wife

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Cheryl Sawka
10 days ago

I am very dependable. I am always early for things. I have never been late for work either

Marylynn Huggins
10 days ago

I feel like in all my past relationships I’ve been the dependable one, I’ve been there, had his back, and forgiven more times than I can count … but I’m not the one chosen as wife material. The one time I was … unbeknownst to me I was simply the best option for a green card and baby factory. It has been very difficult to allow myself to open up and get close to men. However, when I have allowed a man into my world … I feel like maybe I’m loyal and dependable to a fault.

10 days ago

I connect with your story a bit because I feel as though I have shown up in times of need but where is this person when I could really use help. What I’ve learned is that I was giving my best to people who weren’t right for me. And that has allowed me to extend myself some grace when thinking back on my actions and moving forward with trying to be open to build something new with someone new and special to me. Everyone doesn’t deserve my loyalty or dependability. I get to choose who I give those parts of… Read more »

10 days ago

Dependable is a great word! Good going Adam!
That’s exactly what I want in all my relationships.

10 days ago

Adam: I will join your group when I get a better job. I believe women are hundreds of times more dependable than men. When women cheat, it’s a small percentage. Men like skanky women. What can I say? Yes, I believe men are shallow and only concerned with their ego and private parts. The people who cheat love the thrill of the chase, putting one over on their significant other, and finally getting away with it. My question is with this kind of behavior in their home life, don’t you think it carries over to their professional life? I’m close… Read more »

10 days ago

Yes I am!

10 days ago

Yes, I do think I have been and will be dependable person for my significant other.

Beverly Hebert
10 days ago

Too dependable

10 days ago

Yes, unless some major circumstance prohibits follow thru.

Luanne A.
10 days ago

Being dependable is a big part of a persons integrity and character.
Yes I am dependable and I have learned to say ‘NO’ to things that I know are something I could not support 100% with my time and energy.

10 days ago

Hi. Love your insights. Dependability is an aspect of showing what you are. If you have animals taking them out an caring for them. Paying our waterbill. Taking the trash out not waiting for someone else to do it. Keeping a reasonable schedule and routine. Consistency with attentiveness to those you claim to love. These are aspects of dependability we see as important. One of my sons divorced his wife because she spent without regard for others, disappeared whenever she wanted, didn’t care for the animals she got, didn’t get groceries or fix meals. She was pretty, a feminine little… Read more »

Lori Lunsford
10 days ago

I am dependable and always do what i say.

10 days ago

I’ve always been more dependable than the men I’ve been in relationships with, so it’s interesting to hear that men value that as it hasn’t ever worked out for me.

10 days ago

The reality is not everyone has the resources to always be dependable. For example, a car. If that person is depending on a driver (Uber or Lyft), they may always be late or not enough money to pay such expenses. Including, public transportation which is unreliable in SoCal. They operate every hr and if a bus driver calls out sick, you will wait 2 hrs. In other words, that person is depending on others who are causing various problems. Therefore, it depends on a persons situation. What do you mean by dependability? The answer should be simple, but not everyone… Read more »

kathy faulstich
9 days ago


Chiquita Viva
8 days ago

Yes I have been the epitome of reliable & dependable but it has resulted, for me, in men who think I am too dependable, too available & kinda stupid cuz it appears that men need to be “abused” somewhat & insulted in order to respect a woman’s VaLue & it appears that because I am, “Too Nice” they take advantage of that & then move on … Wha ??! – W.H.Y. !!?

3 days ago
Reply to  Chiquita Viva

You just have to match the energy they put into you, never exceed it..

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