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The High Value Woman

Tired of dead-end relationships? It’s time to uncover your superpower: being a high-value woman.

The Feminine Charm Code

Is flirting with men a mystery to you? Here are 7 simple ways to step up your charm with a new guy you meet.

Pull Him Back

Things were going great with this guy...and then he started pulling away. What's happening? Learn why men pull away and how to pull him back into your arms.

Where to Meet Men

Struggling to meet high quality guys? Here are four types of places to go and meet men.

Rich Relationships

Not sure what a healthy relationship actually looks like? Take this course and learn how to develop a R.I.C.H. Relationship.

Breaking Your Love Patterns

If you’re frustrated because you haven’t found love, it may be your negative love patterns that are getting in the way. Learn to break through these bad habits to get the love you deserve.

Heal Your Broken Heart

Learn the step by step process to heal your heart after a break up so that you can either move on with your life or try to win your ex back.

Move On (And Find Someone Better)

Only begin this course after completing the heal your heart course. This course will teach you how to rebuild your confidence and learn to trust again after a breakup.

Understanding Compatibility

Always seem to choose the wrong men? This course will review the basics of compatibility to help you choose better matches in the future.

What Men Find Beautiful

Discover the traits that men find beautiful in a woman. This course dives deep into the inner and outer qualities that will cause men to naturally pursue you.

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